Windows Universal Apps Programmer

Window 8.1 update

Well this weekend has been fun, I have had a 50% failure on updating to Window 8.1. The Surface RT went well and only took less than an hour or so. The Surface Pro which had a preview copy of Windows 8.1 also updated without a problem, well except it uninstalled some applications and removed them from the computer. The warning stated that you will have to reinstall your apps (Which Microsoft uses to describe the Modern App not full applications). Fooled me, it uninstalled Visual Studio and everything else. This is annoying, but not has bad as the other two system. The desktop find the update in the store, but fails consistently installing it. It does gibe me useless error codes. Note this system did not have the preview on it. The last system is the portable, which had the preview. It cannot see the update in the store. This one I think I am going to have to rebuild from scratch, which will take a week or two. Oh well, and I found out that Microsoft release GDR3 to developers. I think I will hold off on that one until I get the other two computers up and running.