Windows Universal Apps Programmer

T-Mobile and Windows Phone

I see that T-Mobile has two new Windows phones by Nokia, both excellent devices, the Nokia Lumia 925 being the better of the two. The Lumia 521 is no slouch, but only has 512mb of memory. I am unclear if I should recommend either. T-Mobile has the annoying habit of obsoleting the windows phones at the drop of a hat. For those who has the Nokia Lumia 710, T-Mobile was one of the only Windows Phone suppliers that did not update the phones to 7.8, this means only 11 months before the phone was obsolete. The next Nokia phone the offered was the Nokia Lumia 810 which was available in December of 2012 and phased out by March 2013, that was less than 6 months of life.

There is a hint that GDR2 will be available, but who knows past that. T-Mobile’s track record for the Windows Phone 7/8 platform is dismal. Even with there new own “Bring You Own Phone” plan, they do not support either the Nokia Lumia 710 or Nokia Lumia 810. If T-Mobile is listening, you are doing a disservice to the Windows Phone products and more importantly, your customers. I am just waiting until my contact expires in a month or two to jump ship after a decade of service with them.