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Sitting at my computer waiting for the launch to happen.

  • Windows Phone shared the same core code as Windows 8
  • 191 countries and 50 languages
  • 120,000 apps on the Windows Phone store.

Product Features

  • New live tiles – on Lock Screen
  • New face book at to lock screen
  • 46 out if 50 popular apps on WP8
  • SDK available tomorrow
  • Data sense reduce and monitor traffic and data plan 45% on average more data
  • Kids corner to protect you phone from you kids – I understand the need

I had a chance to play with the Surface Tablet on Friday at the Microsoft Store in south bay. I liked it, good feel, quick and responsive. Did not like the membrane (standard) keyboard, but that is minor issue.

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I was the luck winner of an ComponentOne Ultimate™ Control Library at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012 and was interviewed by Russ Fustino at Code Camp. That is me near the end of the video. Thanks ComponentOne!

This video if from ComponentOne’s Popular Videos page.

Microsoft today released the pricing for the Surface table $499 for 32GB model, $688 for a 64GB model. The keyboard, touch cover add $119 or a full keyboard for $129. Bundled price of Surface with keyboard add $100. It comes with gyro, accelerometer and compass. No word if it has a GPS on board, and it is only wireless no cell. I was looking forward to this device, but because of the pricing, I will wait a bit or maybe skip this version. Still waiting for the pricing on the Windows 8 phone and what carriers will handle them.

Without a GPS, then that renders the tablet nearly useless for augmented reality and my apps, I really hope they decided to add it in.

Update: The Surface table specs does not include a GPS. Well i guess i will focus only on the phone for now


Today is Friday the 12th of October, in eleven days Microsoft is going to do the Windows 8 kick off, and rumors have it the Windows 8 Phone and Surface Tablet with Window RT. There is still no SDK for Windows phone. This must be some great feature you going to demo for these new products to make you developers so unhappy by keeping the SDK closed. I hope this does not backfire. I know as soon as T-Mobile puts up one of the Windows 8 phones, I will go get it. Depending on the price, I will buy the Surface tablet. By closing the SDK, making phones less than a year old obsolete, Microsoft is doing everything possible to kill this product. On the news today Apple will announce its mini iPad several dace before the Surface, stealing its thunder.

Spend the last two days at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012. Started the day by volunteering directing traffic, someone had to do it.

Saturday 10/6

1st class Windows 8 design speaker Jeremy Foster – Well done class

2nd class Advanced Windows 8 App Development with JavaScript speaker Jeremy Foster – Good class

3rd class Mastering Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 speaker Deborah Kurats – I have always enjoyed her talks.

4th class IIS for Developers speaker Steve Evans – Unexpected joy.

5th class Windows 8 & Windows Phone XMA graphic and sensor integration by Bary Nusz- I especially enjoyed this class.

Volunteer Dinner – Excellent BBQ with chicken, ribs, brisket and smoke links. Volunteering has its rewards.


Sunday 10/7

Developing for Windows Phone and Windows 8 speaker Kenny Spade was canceled due to equipment failure however Jeremy Foster stepped in. I however, was running late and saw Kenny talking with Bary Nusz and never made it to class.

1st and only class Intro to Windows 8 Development by William Leong and Alice.

Lunch and prize drawing. They had several dozen prizes donated by their sponsors. I would like to thank all of them for their generosity, especially ComponentOne who put up a full version ComponentOne Ultimate, which I won. I was later interviewed by Russ Fustino for his Russ CAM show for ComponentOne.

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